richelle jacobs therapist

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Services and Fees

I provide psychotherapy and counseling services for adult individuals, couples and groups. I see clients on a short-term or a longer-term basis, which is a decision we make together. Couples' therapy extends to working with siblings, parent/adult children, co-custody parents, and friends. I also consult with and supervise other psychotherapists and psychotherapists-in-training.

Areas of emphasis include:

  • Aging Parents
  • Anxiety/Worries
  • Career
  • Co-Custody
  • Communication Skills
  • Couples (includes siblings, parent/adult children, friends)
  • Depression (sometimes experienced as having the "blahs" or numbness)
  • Dilemmas ("I don't know what to do about __")
  • Divorce
  • Finding meaning in life
  • Life Transitions
  • Men's Issues
  • Mid-Life Issues
  • Self Esteem/Personal Exploration
  • Supervision/Consultation
  • Trauma
  • Wealth and Money
  • Women's Issues


The first session, which lasts 50 minutes, is something of an interview for both therapist and client. As a client, you will see what it is like to sit in the room with me. I will want to know what brings you to therapy at this particular point in time. I will listen, and ask you questions. An interview session is designed for me to have a sense of your communication style, and for you to have a sense of mine. I will make a point of bracketing 10 or 15 minutes before the end in order to give you feedback on how I think I may work with you if you decide to enter treatment, and for you to ask questions of me.


Fees are discussed on the phone or in person. Payment is made either at each session, every other session, or once a month--whichever the client prefers. If you have insurance that reimburses for psychotherapy, a special monthly statement will be provided to submit to your carrier.

Most insurance companies will cover a percentage of the fee for my services, depending on your particular plan and on your diagnosis (required for reimbursement.) You will need to check with your health care provider for details.

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